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Custom Cut

Is flexibility what matters most to you? Amerec’s Custom-Cut sauna packages contain all the material and equipment necessary to complete your sauna (after the room has been framed, wired, and insulated).

Amerec’s Custom-Cut sauna is great for the person looking for the ease in assembling a kit but wants more flexibility in the layout. This is a superb sauna for constructing on to the framing of an existing space. 

We offer 38 standard Custom-Cut room sizes — from 3’ x 4’ up to 12’ x 12’, all with 7’ ceilings (the maximum height recommended for optimum comfort and efficiency) as well as unlimited custom sizes and features. Detailed construction plans help you prepare the room for quick installation.



Custom-cut saunas come as a complete kit to build a permanent do-it-yourself sauna in an existing room. Includes pre-assembled benches, flooring, a pre-hung door and sauna bathing accessories. Pre-cut saunas are ideally suited for custom and odd-shaped rooms.

For those projects where our standard-size packages don't fit or specific changes need to be made for your project, we can provide custom pre-cut packages.  Whether it is changing the door swing direction, adding windows, or custom fitting a unique space our friendly design staff offers room layout planning assistance and computer-generated room drawings at no extra charge. Custom designs don't mean high custom prices or long lead times.  We work closely with our customers to provide a quick response to their specific needs. 

The Pre-Cut Sauna packages include:

  • Western Red Cedar or Spruce walls and ceiling
  • Interior corner, ceiling and door trim
  • Pre-Assembled Cedar benches and supports
  • Heater guard rail
  • Pre-hung door
  • Cedar duckboard or plastic mat floor in walking area
  • Bucket and dipper (ladle)
  • Wall light and thermometer
  • Head/back rests
  • Select Nordic Whitewoods or Western Red Cedar (or other woods of your choice) tongue and groove wall and ceiling boards precut to length 
  • All Glass Door (Signature Sauna Series) 
  • Wooden duckboard or plastic mat flooring in walking area 
  • Foil vapor barrier, all hardware

Amerec Pre-Cut Sauna Rooms

Steam and Sauna Connection will provide a cad drawing for your approval prior to shipping.  Please call us toll free at (877) 728-6280 if you have any questions or need technical assistance with your order.  We can custom fit for any sauna, call our special sauna consultant.

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